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The Owners: America’s Best Lawncare in Prosper, TX

Jason and John, also known as the two J’s, grew up in Moore, Oklahoma. They met as teens and grew to be great friends over the passing years. Not only did they have things in common on a personal level, but as they matured into men they began to share a similar interest in Horticulture. Jason and John decided to venture out into the turf industry in their early 20’s. Both spent over 10 years “learning and breathing” the Lawncare life. In that time they grew to love it even more. Fast forward into their 30’s, the two J’s felt something greater than themselves was calling them to start a business of their own. So they went for it! They took a leap of faith! With all their knowledge and skills, why not? Because of that decision they are now the proud owners of America’s Best Lawncare, LLC. “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” - Denis Waitley.

Jason is married with children and so is John. Both their wives, Jennifer and Julie, run the back office. Not only do they all take trips together as a friends, but they work together as family. It’s the perfect partnership!

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4261 East University Dr. Suite 30-233

Prosper, TX 75078

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