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Lawncare Services in Wylie, TX

At America’s Best Lawncare in Wylie, weed control and fertilization are our specialty. You can rely on us to turn your dream of a pristine and healthy lawn into reality. Using cutting-edge tools, in-depth knowledge and expert skills, our lawn care experts will create a lush and vibrant lawn that will enhance your property’s curb appeal and become the subject of envy in your neighborhood. So, the next time you notice missing grass patches or unsightly weeds growing on your lawn, we at America’s Best Lawncare is the company you can rely on.


Wylie is a warm and friendly city 26 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas. The continuous economic growth in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex has made nearby Wylie an attractive place to settle down for young professionals and starting families alike. Deemed as one of the best places to live in Texas, Wylie residents enjoy an above average educational system, low-crime rate, and quick commute to the bigger cities. Lawn care is an integral part in the care and maintenance of homes in Wylie, Texas. America’s Best Lawncare is the name you can trust if you’re looking for an experienced team to address your weed control and fertilization needs.

We take the lawn care issues of our Wylie customers very seriously. As a full-service lawn care company, our mission is to deliver great value through first-class weed control and fertilization services to your residential or commercial lawn. Our comprehensive line of lawn care services include aeration, overseeding, grub control, disease management, perimeter pest control, soil testing, and many more. Boasting years of experience in the lawn care industry, you can expect nothing less than prompt service and excellent professional support from our team of lawn care specialists.

Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we utilize a comprehensive approach in taking care of lawns and landscape in Wylie, Texas. We perform a comprehensive assessment of our clients’ lawn and develop a highly personalized program that clearly identifies the problems and their corresponding lawn care solution. We take great pride in our team of lawn care technicians with years of service and extensive training in weed control and fertilization services. America’s Best Lawncare will make sure your lawn will look at its best all-year-long. Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we treat every aspect of your lawn with the utmost attention and care. We understand that even the smallest details can make a huge difference to Wylie homeowners. We take great pride in our dedicated team of lawn care experts who work closely with customers throughout the entire weed control and fertilization process to guarantee desirable results for your landscape. Deciding to work with America’s Best will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing your lawn will be thoughtfully cared for. Our long list of loyal customers exemplifies the quality of our work and the loyalty we have for our Wylie customers and the results we work hard to achieve. If you want to request a no-obligation quote or if you wish to request an in-depth consultation from one of our lawn care experts, call us on 469-631-7473 today.

Our Services

LAWN WEED CONTROL - Our weed control service consists of eight treatments strategically applied at different times of the year. Our weed control program is customized based on the immediate needs of your lawn.

LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.

TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - We have the resources, knowledge, and skills to keep the trees and shrubs on your lawn in good condition. Our lawn care experts will thoroughly survey your lawn and discuss the specific service to meet your trees and shrub healthcare concerns. Treatments may include applications to treat early diseases, insect control, foliage protection, and winter dormant oil.

​LAWN INSECT CONTROL - Flea and tick control service in Wylie is integral to protect your lawn and safeguard your family’s health and wellbeing. Our treatments are proven to eradicate ticks and fleas that harm the overall condition of lawns. It also prevents the proliferation of ticks by eradication their populations during the early signs of growth and development.

CORE & LIQUID LAWN AERATION - Aeration is a crucial element in lawn care as it keeps the loosens compacted soil that leads to the proper growth and development of root systems. Our team of lawn care experts implements core aeration service at various times of the year to breakdown thatch and optimize the nourishment of grass, plants, shrubs, and trees on your landscape.

GRUB CONTROL - Grubs pose a serious threat on lawns across Wylie Texas. We implement pre-emptive treatment to stop grubs from inflicting serious damage on lawns. We utilize treatments that inhibit the growth of grubs in their early stages of development. We highly recommend property owners to obtain grub control once a year to keep lawns healthy and free from disease.

BERMUDA MITES CONTROL - The presence of Bermuda Mites feeding on grass blades will result in an unhealthy lawn. If left untreated, Bermuda mites; infestation will devastate your lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. At America’s Best Lawncare will treat your entire lawn if you suspect Bermuda Mite infestation. Our lawn care experts will thoroughly inspect your property and create a personalized plan to deal with them effectively. You can trust us with your Wylie lawn to help take care of the problem.

LAWN SEEDING - Seeding treatments are typically combined with core aeration for optimal results. This is recommended for Wylie commercial and residential property owners who want to enjoy thicker and healthier grass growth on their lawns. We use proven seeding techniques to permanently eliminate bald patches and encourage faster grass growth on lawns. 

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - Pest and disease infestation of lawns are sadly inevitable. The good news is that you can curb the spread of disease and extend of harm caused by pests through our timely pest and disease treatment services. We conduct personalized solutions that target causative factors and make sure that lawns are protected from future attacks.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - To keep insects and pests from entering your indoor space, we recommend our perimeter pest control service. Our lawn care experts in Wylie strategically apply high-grade pesticides at possible points of entry to keep insects at bay. Our solutions also prevent possible entry in the future and are proven safe for children and pets.

SOIL TESTING - Our soil testing service in Wylie nourishes the soil with crucial vitamins and minerals that encourage healthy plant biology. We conduct extensive soil testing to identify serious issues that plague your lawn. Our lawn care experts then develop customized treatments to improve the overall soil condition on your lawn.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - Our fire ant treatment and prevention program effectively deal with fire ant infestation in Wylie. We use proactive and preventative solutions from Bayer, one of the most prestigious names in pest control management.  Our lawn care experts apply long-acting treatments to eradicate fire ant mounds and extended protection to prevent them from setting foot on your property again.

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