Watering Instructions

January & February - Irrigation off – water as needed in absence of rainfall​


March - Water 1-2 times per week if no rainfall

April & May - Water 3 times per week

June - Water 3-4 times per week and increase watering times

July & August - Water 3-4 times per week and monitor grass

September & October - Water 3 times per week

November - Water once per week if no rainfall

December - Irrigation off – water as needed in absence of rainfall

How should I be mowing my lawn during Spring & Summer months?

A proper mowing schedule is essential to your lawn’s health and vitality. Mowing too short will damage your grass root system, thin your lawn, decrease drought and disease resistance, and increase your weed population. Be sure to set your mowing height to at least 2 1/2 to 3 inches in the Summer months (mowing 1x per week is ideal), and try not to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade per mow. Keep your cutting blade sharp, and do not bag your clippings, as they return nutrients to the soil as they decompose. We do recommend scalping your lawn 1x a year after the Winter ends and before Spring begins. This process does require you to bag the clippings.

Should I mow my lawn before or after a scheduled treatment?

We recommend having your lawn mowed before we apply a fertilizer or weed control treatment. This keeps the products from getting clumped up and unevenly spread out. Too many chemicals in one spot can damage your lawn. Another option is to wait at least 24 hours to mow after we have applied a fertilizer or weed control treatment. We do have a satisfaction guarantee, so if ever in doubt, we’re happy to set up a free service call 7-10 days after the initial treatment if needed.

Why do I have bare spots on my lawn & what can I do about it?

The dead patches in your lawn are likely the result of lawn disease/drought damage from previous years. Dead grass/thatch should be removed once a year in the Spring & bagged. You can re-seed or overseed these areas and then Aerate the lawn to help with soil compaction. If you are unsure as to which route to go to improve your lawn, please contact us and we will come out for a free service call/evaluation.

Why do you only offer an 8-Step Program & can I sign up for less than 8 applications?

Seasons in the year determine how we treat, which determines the amount of treatments needed. While it is possible to get results with fewer than 8 treatments it is often difficult to control harder to kill weeds and guarantee quality. A good example to relate for most people is, when you wash your face or brush your teeth, this is done more than once. It is a regimine you keep up with and therefore avoid breakouts or cavities. Same goes for lawncare - Consistency is key to a great looking lawn. 

Do I need to be home on scheduled visits to my property? 

Is is not necessary to be home during your scheduled service, however; we do ask that you have your gates unlocked and animals put up. 

How long should my animals or kids stay off the lawn after a treatment?

We ask that you allow the treated area to dry for 1 hour. After this time has passed you can allow your animals and children back onto the lawn. (This helps from tracking residue indoors)

What happens if I forget to unlock my gate or animals are left outside?

Unfortunately this does happen from time to time and would require us to reschedule you. However; there is no need to panic - We will do our very best to return at a later date to complete the service(s) you signed up for. 

How will I know if you have serviced my lawn?

After each service we will leave a leaflet on your door that will go over what we did for that day and any recommendations or instructions for you to follow. We will also send an invoice over to you on Monday's after your service is complete from the previous week. 

Am I required to sign a contract?

Never! What we do offer is a pay per application OR pre-pay method. When you pay per application, there are no discounts and we schedule you out indefinitely until you call to cancel. A card is also required to be put on file for this method. When you prepay for the year, you'll receive a 7% discount & a percentage off your 1st application (this is dependent on sq feet of turf grass). You are then scheduled out for 12 months and we will contact you again when it is time to resign. 

Can I get a refund if I prepay in advance and are dissatisfied with my services?

We do understand there are extenuating circumstances that might cause a person to cancel and need a refund of the services not yet completed on a program (They have moved, are ill, have lost their job, ect). We will always do our absolute best to accommodate everyone's financial needs. However; if a person signed up for a program and has not faced the circumstances above AND has not given our services ample time to see results (6 months min) we will not offer a refund in this situation. What we do promise is that you WILL have a Lawn you love and a service you can count on - By following the instructions we leave for you after each treatment and also keeping up with the proper mowing and watering recommendations, you will not be unsatisfied! 

Will I be informed of when it is time for my treatment/service?

Yes - We send out an email and text the day before as a reminder.

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