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Aubrey, TX Lawncare

Lawncare Services in Aubrey, TX

America’s Best Lawncare offers premium weed control and fertilization services for residential and commercial properties in Aubrey, Texas. You can depend on our skilled lawn care experts to ensure your lawn enjoys optimal health all-year-round. We utilize industry-leading technologies and extensive knowledge to enhance your property’s curb appeal and value at competitive prices.

Why Choose America’s Best Lawncare?

Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we believe that comprehensive weed control and fertilization programs in Aubrey is an essential element of lawn care. Lawn care maintenance is next to impossible, especially for property owners who do not have the time and energy to do the dirty work themselves. This is where the professional and skilled technicians of America’s Best Lawncare come into play. Leveraging on years of experience in the lawn care industry, our lawn care technicians will provide your lawn the expert care it needs to thrive in its full potential.

We offer various lawn care services, including weed control and fertilization, seeding soil testing, weed control, perimeter pest control, and tree healthcare, to name a few. Our team consists of expertly trained technicians that employ the latest technologies, tools, and products to help your lawn recover from illnesses, infestations, and other factors that influence its overall appearance and health. Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we offer a year-round weed control fertilization program developed based on the specific needs of your lawn, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

America's Best Lawncare offers weed control and fertilization services in Aubrey, TX

About Aubrey, TX

Aubrey is a small town in the northeastern part of Denton County, Texas. It is situated in the Cross Timbers region, 12 miles of Denton, 40 miles of Dallas, and 53 miles of Fort Worth. The city was initially named Ornega in 1881 when the Texas and Pacific Railway constructed a section house within its vicinity. Aubrey covers 3.02 square miles with a total population of 7,453 as of 2020.

The proximity of Aubrey, Texas, from the ever-growing DFW metroplex and International Airport, makes it a desirable place to purchase real estate among professionals who work in the big cities. Aubrey offers a rural vibe that’s perfect for those who wish to live in a quiet and safe place while enjoying a fast commute to urban conveniences. Besides its peaceful ambiance, Aubrey is also known for its above-average public school system. 

The summer heat in Aubrey, Texas, is often accompanied by high temperatures in the upper 90s with limited rainfall and light winds. Although temperatures are more tolerable during the fall and winter months, residential and commercial lawns are not entirely safe from the cold rains and winds. Suppose you want your yard in tiptop shape from season to season. In that case, America’s Best Lawncare presents a comprehensive expert weed control and fertilization program that will help you achieve this goal and many more.

Our Services

WEED CONTROL - Our weed control service consists of eight treatments strategically applied at different times of the year. Our weed control program is customized based on the immediate needs of your lawn.

LAWN ERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.


TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - We employ a proactive tree and shrub healthcare strategy to protect your lawn from external stressors and ensure its healthy growth and development all-year-round. Leveraging on our knowledge and skills in lawn care, we apply methods that prevent the attack of diseases and pests on shrubs and streets on your Aubrey property.

FLEA/TICK CONTROL - Flea and ticks carry pestilence, damaging the overall health of your lawn as well as endangering the wellness of people and pets. Our flea and tick control service in Aubrey is designed to stop these pests from replicating and causing more havoc to properties. We apply solutions that deliver long-term protection from flea and tick infestations, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the outdoors safely.

AERATION - Our aeration service in Aubrey, Texas, helps keep the lush and healthy appearance of residential and commercial lawns. Our lawn care technicians address the problems by providing practical solutions that revitalize the soil's overall condition on your property. We employ core aeration strategies that encourage increased absorption of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

GRUB CONTROL - In response to grubs infestation that stunt the healthy growth and development of your lawn, our lawn care technicians in Aubrey apply pesticides that are formulated to stop grub worms from developing into mature beetles. We also implement strategies that treat the damages caused by extensive grub invasion on commercial and residential lawns in Aubrey, Texas.

SEEDING - We specialize in effective seeding service designed to encourage fast and healthy grass growth in Aubrey, Texas. Our lawn care technicians use the best overseeding methods and techniques that guarantee increased turf density on residential and commercial lawns in Aubrey. We employ seeding in combination with soil aeration to produce the best results.

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - We carry out comprehensive pest and disease treatment services to address the invasion of diseases and pests on lawns. We employ safe and effective treatment methods that eradicate problems promptly and safely. Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we have the tools, products, knowledge, and skills that allow us to diagnose and treat lawn problems accurately.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - Our team of lawn care experts is also knowledgeable and skilled in conducting perimeter pest control service in Aubrey, Texas. We utilize potent chemicals that protect homes from invading insects and pests, including beetles, ants, and spiders, to name a few. We schedule visits at various times of the year to assess the situation on your lawn and prepare targeted solutions to ensure superior results every time.

SOIL TESTING - Our soil testing service in Aubrey involves applying nutrients that promote healthy plant growth and development. We employ comprehensive soil testing to assess crucial factors, including pH and nutritional deficiencies, which helps us create customized solutions that will nourish the soil on your lawn.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - America’s Best Lawncare fire ant treatment and prevention service is programmed to effectively deal with a fire ant infestation on residential and commercial lawns in Aubrey, Texas. We employ both proactive and preventive solutions from trusted brands to manage fire ants promptly and safely. We use long-acting treatments from Bayer that are formulated to eradicate entire fire ant mounds and ensure your lawn is protected from future invasions.

Why Hire America’s Best Lawncare?

At America’s Best Lawncare, we have created a sterling reputation for superior service and quality customer support, as reflected by positive reviews from residential and commercial customers in Aubrey, Texas. Utilizing years of expertise in the lawn care service industry, our professional solutions will leave your lawn healthy and well-tended for years to come. Whether you need pest and disease treatment, fire ant treatment, or a comprehensive weed control and fertilization program, you can rest assured that our team delivers value and satisfaction like no other. If you are based in Aubrey, Texas, and would like to obtain reliable lawn care services, call our direct line today.

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