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Tree & Shrub Healthcare Services
In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, & Neighboring Texas Cities

America’s Best Lawncare offers a comprehensive 5-Step Tree & Shrub Healthcare Program that addresses the challenges present in our clients’ respective landscapes. We take a proactive approach to maintain the optimum tree and shrub healthcare through close monitoring, early detection of problems, stress management, and integrated treatments to further enhance your tree's and shrub's overall beauty, growth, vigor, and longevity. Our commitment is to utilize the most powerful, safe, and environmentally friendly tree and shrub healthcare strategies available to ensure your 100% satisfaction. 

Our 5-Step Tree & Shrub Healthcare Program

America's Best Lawncare offers a Yearly 5-Step Program tailored to help your trees and shrubs keep their health, strength and beauty. Treatments for your property would take place every 10 weeks. There is a total of 1 Winter Dormant Oil Application, 1 Spring Fertilization Treatment, 1 Early Disease & Insect Control Treatment, 1 Plant Protection Treatment & 1 Mid-Season Foliage Protection Treatment. Below is our Tree & Shrub table of services and a description for each on this program.

Benefits of Tree & Shrub

  • Healthy Appearance

  • Stress Management

  • Early Detection of Issues

  • Regular Monitoring



Winter Dormant Oil

This application protects trees and shrubs against over-winterizing insects, such as scale, borers, aphids, spider mites, and their eggs, which can cause potential damage.



Spring Fertilization

This application offers fertilization treatment that will help your trees and shrubs to soak up nitrogen and grow faster to help produce beautiful blooms and a healthier plant. A healthier plant helps protect against insects and diseases.



Early Disease & Insect Control

This application protects against insects and the following funguses; powdery mildew, anthracnose, scab and several varieties of leaf blight.



Plant Protection

This application protects against insects that are beginning to hatch and feed such as; mites, caterpillars, leaf miners.



Mid-Season Foliage Protection

This application is a follow up treatment that further strengthens the plants overall health.

Why Choose America's Best Lawncare for Tree & Shrub Healthcare?

America’s Best Lawncare has provided reliable and professional Tree & Shrub Healthcare services for residential and commercial owners who need a bit of help in taking care of their ornamentals. We began with great emphasis on bringing client focus and proficiency back to the Tree & Shrub industry. Our lawncare experts pay great attention to your Tree & Shrub needs and are enthusiastic about taking the time to discuss all the best solutions to make you a more informed client.

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