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Lawn Fertilization 

In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, & Neighboring Texas Cities

America's Best Lawncare offers top the line Lawn Fertilization Services in McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, Celina, TX cities 

Our Lawn Fertilization Program is matchless to other companies. We take our time on each application for every residential and commercial property we treat, measuring the exact amount of chemicals placed on your turf and giving clear direction on aftercare. This process allows ours customers to succeed in their esthetic lawn desires and feel confident and comfortable with each interaction from our team.

Our 8-Step Lawncare Program

America's Best Lawncare offers a Yearly 8-Step Lawncare Program tailored to help your turf become greener and healthier in the Spring and Summer months. There are a total of 3 fertilization rounds that are performed back to back between March and July every year. We also apply a Winter Fertilizer late in the year to encourage thick and rapid growth for Spring. Below is our Lawncare table of treatments per round and a description for each service on this program.



Winter Pre-Emergent Application (liquid) and treatment of all weeds

Targets perennial grassy weeds and pesky Spring broad-leaf weeds.



Spring Pre-Emergent Application (liquid) and treatment of all weeds

For the prevention of Summer grassy weeds (ie, crabgrass, dallisgrass) Also control of henbit, clover & dandelion.



Fertilization (slow release high nitrogen) and treatment of all weeds 

Spring feeding of your lawn to help with growth & development from Fall dormancy.



Fertilization (slow release high nitrogen) and treatment of all weeds

Early-Summer Feeding of your lawn to help with overall color and density.



Fertilization (slow release high nitrogen) and treatment of all weeds

Late-Summer feeding to prevent environmental stresses, weeds and pests.



Micro Surge Nutrient (liquid), LIQUID AERATION & Treatment of all weeds

Replaces the nutrients back into your lawn from the hot Summer heat as well as breaking up all compaction issues that keep your turf unhealthy and unable to breathe.



Fall Pre-Emergent Application (liquid) and treatment of all weeds

Prevention of annual bluegrass and other winter grassy and broadleaf weeds.



Winterizer Fertilization (granule) and treatment of all weeds

Will help your lawn store more food for winter survival, encourage thick, rapid growth and rooting in the Spring.

What is in the fertilizer that we use on your property? 

  • Nitrogen -  Promotes foliar growth and color.

  • Phosphorus - Is useful in encouraging flower and root growth, and early establishment.

  • Potassium -  Enhances the plant’s ability to use nitrogen.

Why are these fertilizer elements important?

Nutrients are needed for a healthy lawn to flourish. To minimize maintenance and prevent disease and pest damage, the use of fertilizer applications is needed on every lawn. We use high quality products on each and every lawn we treat, which provides our customers with the best fertilization in North Texas.  It will always be our mission at America’s Best Lawncare to provide a comprehensive array of fertilization services for residential homeowners and commercial properties. Our goal is to provide you with a lush lawn that you will be proud of all year long. 

What are the benefits of fertilization on my lawn?

  • Increased Drought Tolerance

  • Dark Green Appearance

  • Health Root System

  • Replenishes Nutrients and Enriches the Soil

  • Fights Disease & Fungus

What to expect before, during and after we come to your property?


  • We offer a text & email feature for all customers, which sends a notification 1 day prior to your treatment as a courtesy. Please note these reminders are not always set in stone as anything can occur on a given day in our industry, weather playing the biggest factor. All customers also have the option of adding a note to their account for us to contact them 30 minutes prior to arrival on their property. 

  • It is not necessary to be home during your scheduled service, however; we do ask that you have your gates unlocked and animals put up. Forgetting to unlock your gate on treatment date unfortunately does happen from time to time and would require us to reschedule you. However; there is no need to panic - We will do our very best to return at a later date to complete the service(s) you signed up for.


  • On each visit to your home, our technicians inform every customer by knocking or ringing their doorbell, that we have arrived to complete their service(s). If any customer prefers us not to disturb them, please let us know and we will add a note to your account.

  • Upon exiting your property, our technicians will always blow off any access fertilizer that is not touching your turf grass. We do this so it will not stain your concrete.  


  • After each service, we will leave a leaflet on your door that will go over what we did for that day and any recommendations or instructions for you to follow. If we find disease or insect issue, we will also reach out via email to discuss pricing and scheduling of services. 

  • We will send an invoice over to you via email after your service is complete from the previous week. Everyone gets an invoice, whether you are prepaid or pay per application. If you are a prepaid customer, you invoice will always be marked to $0. The reason for sending invoices, is so that our customers always have a paper trail of the visits performed on their property. Our Online Portal also gives a breakdown of service(s) performed. 

  • If a customer, at any time, has any questions or concerns in between treatments, it is best to communicate with us via email at Americasbestfamilybiz@gmail.com or making a phone call to our office at 469-631-7473. We are here to help you every step of the way. 

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