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Why is Fall Pre-Emergent the BEST application of the year?

Applying a Fall Pre-Emergent to your lawn is going set the tone of your curb appeal come the following Spring. Not having one applied will ensure a property full of weeds & that is why America's Best Lawncare purchases Specticle Flo. This leading Pre-Emergent is the absolute best on the market for a reason. It's residual control lasts for up to 8 months. Most, if not all companies similar to us in nature, apply the most used and cheapest products they can find to apply to your turf grass during Fall months (September - October). Like Prodiamine, Simazine & Dimension. These products have a much lower residual of 3-6 months and best used for when Spring emerges, but not for the Fall. You want a barrier that is going to last throughout the Fall, the Winter & before Spring gets here. You also want a product that kills out and prevents over 60 Broadleaf weeds on your lawn.

The weeds that germinate within your soil stand no chance with Specticle. Do you know how we know this? It's very simple: We tried this for 1 Fall season to cut down on costs when we first became a business. The 1st year we used Specticle and the 2nd we used the average products mentioned above. And the outcome was something we never want to face again. The follow ups we endured were ten fold and customers were unhappy. THAT is why America's Best Lawncare ONLY chooses the products that work. Specticle Flo has never let us or our clients down as of yet and even though the expense to purchase this chemical and exceedingly higher than all other products, our goal will always be quality for every client we treat. Pricing for us might be a tad higher than what you'd expect to pay for weed control services, but it is true that you get what you pay for in the lawncare industry. We learned this ourselves and glad that we engaged in a trial and error approach to test the theory. It was worth struggling for one season to see the well rounded benefits Specticle Flo has to offer.

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