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Lawncare Services in Denison, TX

America’s Best Lawncare is a full-service lawn care service provider serving residential clients in Denison, Texas. We have made it our mission to offer great value to our clients by offering a comprehensive line of services such as pest control, soil testing, aeration, seeding, weed control, and fertilization treatments at unbeatable price rates. We take lawn care seriously, so expect nothing but best-of-class service, outstanding support, and 100% satisfaction every time.

America's Best Lawncare offers weed control & fertilization services in Denison, TX

We go above and beyond to address the lawn care problems that plague Denison, Texas. Our knowledge of weed control and fertilization makes us the top choice among discerning commercial and residential clients who need effective yet cheap solutions to their pesky problems. At America’s Best Lawncare, our hardworking team of trained technicians will create a lawn and care service plan that encourages the long-term natural beauty and health of your turf. You can rest assured that we will continuously strive to keep your property looking at its best all year round.

Here at America’s Best Lawncare we recognize the quality of the services we provide largely depends on the hard work and dedication of our employees. Our team consists of lawn care technicians with vast experience and knowledge in dealing with common lawn care and maintenance issues in Sherman. They are experts in handling different challenges, so that your property thrives across all seasons.

Our Services

LAWN WEED CONTROL - The perfect combination of weed control and fertilization promises to keep your lawn free from pesky weed. You may choose to obtain our comprehensive weed control and fertilization service that are timed every six weeks for best results. Our technicians will do the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.

TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - We utilize proactive care and maintenance techniques to help you maintain beautiful, resilient, and strong trees in your property. We take pride in our extensive experience and knowledge of proper tree and shrub healthcare for Sherman properties. We also conduct evidence-backed techniques that encourage blooms and effectively prevent stress and disease infestation in your lawn.

LAWN INSECT CONTROL - If your Sherman property is plagued by ticks and fleas, we have the ultimate remedy. America’s Best Lawncare flea and tick control service features the use of potent chemicals that protects your lawn from diseases caused by flea and tick infestation. Our flea and tick control service involves the use of powerful formulations that eliminate existing pests and prevent the proliferation of fleas and ticks on your property.

CORE & LIQUID LAWN AERATION - Neglecting lawn aeration can be damaging to your lawn. Skipping on aeration service prevents your lawn from looking its best, hence we offer core aeration service to commercial and property owners in Sherman. Our crew masterfully conducts core at strategic times of the year to loosen up the soil and breakup thatch formation, which aids grass and plants to absorb more water and nutrients from the soil.

GRUB CONTROL - The presence of grubs poses a serious threat to Sherman lawns. To avoid the costly repair caused by grub damage, we apply pre-emptive treatments to kill grubs during their early growth stages. Obtaining grub control service at least once a year is a crucial part of an effective lawn care and maintenance strategy.

BERMUDA MITES CONTROL - The presence of Bermuda Mites feeding on grass blades will result in an unhealthy lawn. If left untreated, Bermuda mites; infestation will devastate your lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. At America’s Best Lawncare will treat your entire lawn if you suspect Bermuda Mite infestation. Our lawn care experts will thoroughly inspect your property and create a personalized plan to deal with them effectively. You can trust us with your Sherman lawn to help take care of the problem.

LAWN SEEDING - Immediately following core aeration, America’s Best Lawncare recommends seeding services that will help promote healthy and thick grasses in your lawn. Using tried-and-tested seeding techniques, we can prevent the development of bare patches and weeds from taking over your lawn. Our lawn care experts will also provide you with t suggestions as to which grass species thrive and rapidly reproduce in Sherman, Texas. 

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - We offer a practical way to keep your lawn healthy and protected from diseases caused by pest infestations. Our pest and disease treatment service involves the application of chemicals that kill creepy crawlers fast. Our knowledgeable technicians quickly identify pest infestations and possible diseases that specific pests carry. By localizing treatment in areas that manifest the presence of pests, we can solve infestation problems in a fast and safe manner.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - Our perimeter pest control service will prevent insects and other intruders from entering your home. Applications are timed to provide year-round control when insects such as ants, spiders, ladybugs, beetles, and silverfish are most active. The treatments will be applied around your home’s foundation, creating a barrier that stops these nasty critters from gaining entry to your home all year long, guaranteed. All the products we use are effective and safe for children and pests.

SOIL TESTING - Soil testing is a critical element in your lawn’s overall lawn care and management plan. Using the latest tools and equipment, we can precisely identify the nutrients that your turf needs to further inspire the growth of grass, plants, and trees. We will conduct various tests to test for pH, acidity, and mineral content just to name a few.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - Despite their non-intimidating size, fire ants are a force to reckon with. Apart from the excruciating pain that it inflicts on humans and animals, fire ant invasion may spell costly damage to your lawn. We use professional-grade, slow-release chemicals that fire ants will carry back to their mound. The result is permanent elimination of an entire fire ant colony on your lawn.

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