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Grub Contol Services

In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, & Neighboring Texas Cities

Grub Control Services

What are Grub Worms?

Grubs are actually the larval form of different beetles. Grubs feed on the roots of lawns, just a few inches below the surface. They can cause serious damage to your turf as the season goes on. America’s Best Lawncare understands the devastating damages that grubs impart on lawns. These larvae pose a major threat to landscapes as their voracious appetite can quickly decimate large areas by severing deep root systems responsible for the efficient uptake of nutrients and water from the soil. We provide the best grub control service that aims to fix damages from grub infestation and ultimately reduce their population in the long run.

What are the warning signs!!!?

  • Brown patches in your lawn that start in Spring and do not green up regardless of watering and other preventative measures

  • Animals like birds, skunks, moles, etc. tear up your lawn, looking for grubs

  • Sections of grass feel soft and spongy

  • Patches of grass can be easily lifted

Is a Spring Application Necessary?

If you don’t prevent grubs in the spring, you’ll start seeing damage to your turf in the summer and fall. By the end of July or in August, your grass will begin to turn brown and pull up easily. Timing is crucial to the success of your preventative application. It’s easiest to prevent grub damage when the grubs are immature, so the late spring and early summer is the optimal time.

Why hire America's Best Lawncare for Grub Control?

America’s Best Lawncare presents an effective, safe, and affordable program that stops grubs from destroying your lawn. You can take advantage of our grub control and prevention service as a part of a comprehensive lawn care program or as a standalone program that commercial and residential clients on a budget can fully take advantage of. We will be your dependable partner in keeping your lawn beautiful, healthy, and free from nuisances. If you have a grub infestation, call our direct line so that we can take care of the problem immediately. We are currently servicing cities including Plano, Anna, Fairview, Frisco, McKinney, Celina, and Prosper. We will be more than happy to discuss the best grub control service for your needs.

America's Best Lawncare Offers...

Periodic Monitoring of Adult Beetles - Throughout the season, our lawn care professionals will closely monitor the activity of adult beetles and grubs on your turf. We will immediately report the presence of grub in your lawn and neighboring properties, too.


America's Best Lawncare Offers...

Timely Application - We will implement preventive treatments before the egg-hatching season. Ideally, grub control and prevention happen in later spring to summer. We have a total of six weeks for the timely application of grub control treatments to achieve the best results.​


America's Best Lawncare Offers...

Preventive Treatment - We combine our grub control with core aeration service to ensure that grubs will not have the ability to thrive and hibernate on deeper layers of the soil. This preventive treatment functions as a barrier around root systems, delivering year-long protection from grubs across all levels of its larval stage.


America's Best Lawncare Offers...

Curative Grub Service - If you detect brown patches and the regular of predators in your property, it’s time to give curative grub service a try. This is ideally applied towards the end of summer when grubs have hatched and are showing signs of activity at the top-most soil layers. Our lawn care experts then water the soil immediately for an even absorption of pesticides into the soil. We also conduct a second application to target grubs that have penetrated the deeper layers of your lawn.

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