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Lawncare Services in Gunter, TX

America’s Best Lawncare offers comprehensive weed control and fertilization service in Gunter, Texas. As a full-service lawn care company, we deliver effective and affordable solutions aimed at enhancing the visual appeal and improving the overall health of residential and commercial lawns. We take a customized approach to meet our customers' specific needs, resulting in superior results and complete satisfaction. We offer services that play a crucial role in shaping healthy lawns, including seeding, aeration, pest and disease treatment, soil testing, perimeter pest control, and many more.


Gunter is a small city situated in the southwestern corner of Grayson County, Texas. It is 47 miles from Dallas, with a total land area of 17.70 square miles. As of 2020, the population in the city of Gunter is 1,857. It is one of the best places to live in Texas, thanks to its peaceful rural vibe. Although considered a small town, Gunter is abundant when it comes to unspoiled nature and recreational facilities. Some of Gunter's most notable attractions are the Preston Trail Farms, the Square Cloud Winery, and The Bridges Golf Club. Gunter’s proximity to Dallas makes it an attractive place to settle down for young professionals who work in the city but prefer to settle down in peaceful and safe neighborhoods.


Gunter experiences a humid subtropical climate, which can mean challenging lawn care issues for residential and commercial lawns in Gunter, Texas. The extended heat and humidity result in grass wilting, making it easier for unwanted weeds to grow on your turf. Summers in Gunter also pose surface insect infestations that can cause extensive damage to your lawn. During the fall and winter months, controlling weeds proves to be more challenging, too. The best way to keep your property beautiful, nourished, pest, and disease-free is by partnering with a reliable lawn care company. Although we can’t make false claims of winning against Mother Nature, our weed control and fertilization service is designed to account for the local climate conditions to ensure timely and effective applications all-year-round.

We offer a full suite of solutions customized based on the unique lawn care needs of our customers. Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we take great pride in our in-depth knowledge and skills in handling various issues that plague residential and commercial lawns in Gunter, Texas. Our team consists of expertly trained technicians that can handle simple lawn care problems to complex challenges. We have the right equipment and tools that help us fulfill our services promptly and efficiently.

At America’s Best Lawncare, we are aware of the requirements to create a lush, vibrant, and healthy lawn. We stay updated with the latest trends in weed control and fertilization to ensure a proper and speedy resolution to issues. Whether you are dealing with grub worms infestation, poor soil condition, or weed invasion on flower beds, our skilled technicians at America’s Best Lawncare will work hard to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

As one of the best lawn care providers in Gunter with a long list of satisfied customers, America’s Best Lawncare is a company you can trust. Our team of lawn care experts is willing to go the extra mile to service you in the best possible way. Whether you need weed control and fertilization, grub control, or fire ant treatment and prevention, we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to get the job done right at competitive rates. Your satisfaction drives the course of every decision that we make; hence we listen to your needs and fulfill them on time and within budget. We are passionate about good-looking lawns, and our sterling track record shows it. To learn more about our full suite of lawn care services in Gunter or for any other questions, please call our direct line on 469-631-7473 today.

Our Services

LAWN WEED CONTROL - Our weed control service consists of several applications depending on your lawn's specific needs. The application of herbicides is strategically timed to keep your grass at a healthy length and effectively treat it for weeds. 

LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.

TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - We offer a comprehensive tree and shrub healthcare service that involves the timely applications of fertilizers such as dormant oil, miticides, and other treatments that protect plants from pests and diseases infestations. Our technicians in Gunter will personalize treatment applications based on trees and shrubs' needs on your lawn.


LAWN INSECT CONTROL - We offer season-long flea and tick control service using highly targeted formulas that eradicate and repel these unwanted pests immediately. We protect your home and business from dangerous fleas and ticks, successfully eliminating adult populations in your lawn, reducing breeding grounds, and making your property less hospitable to these pests.

CORE & LIQUID LAWN AERATION - Our core aeration service in Gunter targets the causes of lawn deterioration in homes and businesses. Our core aeration program guarantees increased root growth, better drainage, the creation of an oxygen-rich environment for better growth, and thatch breakdown. Core aeration also prepares your lawn for overseeding that ensures thick and vibrant turf.

GRUB CONTROL - Brown patches on your lawn is a sign of grub worms infestation. Once grubs turn into adult beetles, they cause further havoc on property. Our grub control service in Gunter involves timely treatments before grubs start destroying the health and beauty of your lawn. We target grubs right at the source, so you don’t have to deal with more damage in the future.

LAWN SEEDING - Our seeding service will fully rejuvenate your lawn following aeration service by our skilled technicians in Gunter. We have the best grass seeds that are ideal for growing in Gunter, Texas. Our seed blend is proven to be significantly better than commercially available grass seeds. After core aeration, we apply the seeds and conduct follow-ups to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - We offer a comprehensive pest and disease treatment to protect your landscaping investment from pests and diseases that can destroy your lawn’s greenery and overall health. Our team can treat various conditions such as fungal infections and nutrient deficiency, among many others.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - Our perimeter pest control service in Gunter creates a solid barrier to stop ants, spiders, and beetles from gaining entry through openings around the base of your home. Our technicians will apply the necessary insecticides that will keep unwanted pests out of your home and avoid causing harm to you and your family.

SOIL TESTING - Our soil testing service in Gunter helps us individualize the type of lawn care your property needs. We conduct thorough soil testing that involves assessing pH and the overall nutrient status of your lawn. After further evaluation, we will then create a personalized care plan that guarantees your property stays healthy and vibrant for many years to come.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - Fire ants are aggressive insects that can easily take over your lawn if not kept in check. Our fire ant treatment and prevention program in Gunter will implement control measures to manage the fire ant population on your lawn. Although fire ants cannot be eradicated, our job is to reduce their presence significantly and the danger they cause to your family and property. We use professional-grade products to ensure fast and long-acting results.

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