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Lawncare Services in Oak Point, TX

America’s Best Lawncare is a trusted company offering premier weed control and fertilization services in Oak Point, TX. We are your partners in the creation and maintenance of a beautiful and healthy lawn for your home or business. You can depend on our experienced lawn care professionals to expertly handle your lawn, no matter how complex your problems may be. We take on every job with a smile, enthusiasm, and diligence to ensure your complete satisfaction.

America's Best Lawncare offers chemical lawn applications in Oak Point, TX

Oak Point is a small community in Collin County, Texas. Measuring 15.8 square kilometers, the city is located north of Dallas. It provides a tranquil setting while not being too far away from modern amenities found Denton and Frisco. In 2020, it tallied an estimated population of 7,316. Oak Point’s easy access to major roadways, quiet setting, and excellent quality of life make it an ideal community to settle in for growing families, young professionals, and retirees. It houses many beautiful attractions like the Jake’s Place Park and Oak Point Boat Ramp. If you’re looking for a professional lawn care service provider in Oak Point to help you manage your lawn, America’s Best Lawncare is here to help. Our dedicated team of lawn care experts will thoroughly assess your property and create a tailored lawn care program that addresses all your concerns at competitive prices.

As a reputable name in the Oak Point lawn care industry, we aim to provide you with nothing less than top-caliber weed control and fertilization solutions that help owners in making sure their lawns stay lush, thick, and vibrant from season to season. Our lawn care services are expertly carried out by a team of experts that are familiar with common and not-so-common lawn problems in Oak Point. Depending on the prevailing conditions of your lawn, our lawn care professionals may combine weed control and fertilization along other offerings such as grub control, perimeter pest control, aeration, overseeding, and soil testing, to name a few. 

Whatever your needs, we will develop a plan that effectively resolves the problem without breaking the bank. Additionally, our cost-effective weed control and fertilization program are applied strategically created and timed, delivering immense value to our customers in Oak Point, TX. We take a customer-centered approach that allows us to create personalized lawn care services that yields superior outcomes. Our lawn care experts at Oak Point, TX, are fully vetted and professionally trained to ensure efficiency and precision in delivering the results our customers deserve. We uphold the highest industry standards to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

At America’s Best Lawncare, our proven track record of excellence and great attention to detail are second while our dedication to your health and safety are unmatched. Utilizing top-grade materials, equipment, and solution further boosts the efficacy of the lawn care services we provide. Our weed control and fertilization specialists in Oak Point will always go the extra mile to ensure all your needs are met. You can always count on our team to work with the utmost respect while carrying out applications on your lawn.  If you wish to learn more about the lawn care offerings available in Oak Point, TX, or to schedule a consultation, contact our direct line today.

Our Services

LAWN WEED CONTROL - Our comprehensive weed control and fertilization program is multi-step solution that ensures your turf will look at its best from season to season. We will assess your lawn and identify the various weeds that can upset the aesthetics and overall health of your lawn. We will then strategically time spot treatment and pre-emergent applications combined with fertilization to correct nutrient deficiencies and protect your lawn from pests and diseases. 

LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.

TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - The health of trees and shrubs on your lawn will be one of our topmost priorities. Our team of expert lawn care professionals will identify the presence of disease, accurately diagnose, and finally treat diseases that are common the Oak Point community. We deliver various strategies for tree and shrub healthcare from developing a strategic plan that will bring your property’s flora back to life.

LAWN INSECT CONTROL - We conduct a flea and tick control plan that eradicates these pests from your property. The presence of ticks and fleas on your property is not only detrimental to lawn health, but to human and pet safety as well. We use professional-grade pesticides to kill ticks and stop fleas from developing to its final stages altogether.

CORE & LIQUID LAWN AERATION - Core aeration is a vital activity that should be implemented to ensure long-term health of your entire landscape. We break compacted soil and control thatch formation, giving way to increased air, nutrient, and water absorption of the soil. Your lawn will endure hot and humid days with properly aerated soil and prevents drought on your Oak Point property.

GRUB CONTROL - We will stop grubs from causing more costly damage to your lawn through our perfectly-timed grub control service. Our lawn care experts in Oak Point, TX, will use powerful pesticides that will kill grubs before they can reach their final stage of development. Ideally, Oak Point homeowners should obtain professional grub control service at least once a year as part of a comprehensive pest management program.

BERMUDA MITES CONTROL - The presence of Bermuda Mites feeding on grass blades will result in an unhealthy lawn. If left untreated, Bermuda mites; infestation will devastate your lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. At America’s Best Lawncare will treat your entire lawn if you suspect Bermuda Mite infestation. Our lawn care experts will thoroughly inspect your property and create a personalized plan to deal with them effectively. You can trust us with your Oak Point lawn to help take care of the problem.

LAWN SEEDING - Our seeding service works in tandem with core aeration resulting in thick, lush, and vibrant lawns, from spring and until the remaining months of the year. We recommend the ideal grass varieties that will grow to their full potential under local soil conditions. Our overseeding techniques also reduce the chances of weed formation in the future.

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - By effectively controlling pest infestation, we provide your property the opportunity to grow and develop a healthy and resilient lawn for the long haul. Depending on the pests and diseases they carry, we use a combination of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that will terminate causative factors and protect your property from future pest infestations.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - We implement powerful yet safe perimeter pest control applications that will keep pests and insects from wreaking havoc in your home. Our Oak Point lawn care experts spray pesticides around the perimeter of your home to provide protection from spiders, ants, beetles, and many more. We typically recommend these applications as part of comprehensive pest control management to the rest of your lawn.

SOIL TESTING - Our lawn care technicians will conduct a meticulous assessment of your lawn through soil testing service. We check for critical figures, including soil pH and concentration of various minerals on the soil. In the presence of nutrient deficiency, we will then recommend various fertilization treatments to improve soil conditions or identify grass species that will grow beautifully on your lawn.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - One of the drawbacks of having a healthy lawn is that it attracts wildlife and pesky insects such as fire ants. If you find a fire ant mound on your property and would like to eliminate its entire population to ensure the safety of your family, call on our lawn experts for expert help. We use Bayer pesticide that specifically targets fire ants. Our solution is potent to kill roaming fire ants and those that are hidden inside mounds.

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