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Perimeter Pest Control Services

In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, & Neighboring Texas Cities

Perimeter Pest Control Services

Your home is your haven and we at America’s Best Lawncare know you prefer to not share your safe space with creepy crawlers. Our perimeter pest control service was developed to form a barrier around your home or business hence preventing troublesome creatures like spiders, ants, silverfish, ladybugs, and many more so you can live in peace. Our applications offer long-term protection that will successfully get rid of these uninvited guests and destroy breeding grounds to make sure your home is pest-free all-year-round.

America's Best Lawncare offers a Yearly 5-Step Program tailored to help your trees and shrubs keep their health, strength and beauty. Treatments for your property would take place every 10 weeks. There is a total of 1 Winter Dormant Oil Application, 1 Spring Fertilization Treatment, 1 Early Disease & Insect Control Treatment, 1 Plant Protection Treatment & 1 Mid-Season Foliage Protection Treatment. Below is our Tree & Shrub table of services and a description for each on this program.

Protect your home and keep pests out!

We care about your lawn and your home.  Our friendly and trained professionals will treat they perimeter of your home to keep out unwanted pests.  We offer long term protection that will stop pests in their tracks.

Why Choose America’s Best Lawncare Perimeter Pest Control Service?

America’s Best Lawncare will keep your home or business free from bugs that cause harm and danger once they enter your indoor spaces. As insects and bugs see homes as the perfect nesting grounds, we apply the best perimeter pest control solutions that will create a strong barrier to keep insects and bugs at bay not only in colder months, but across all seasons. Part of our perimeter pest control service is the elimination of existing pests that may be lurking around your home. We also eradicate visible breeding grounds near house perimeters as an effective measure to prevent future populations from finding their way back in your home.

Our perimeter pest control applications consist of four rounds of treatment, which means your home will receive maximum protection every ninety days. Our skilled and trained perimeter pest control technicians at America’s Best Lawncare perform a thorough inspection to identify breeding grounds and points of entry. Apart from treating you
r home’s foundation, eaves, windows, and doors, we will provide you with honest and professional recommendations to further enhance the protective barrier around your home.

Why Hire America’s Best Lawncare for Perimeter Pest Control Service?

America’s Best Lawncare customizes our perimeter pest control service based on the specific needs of our customers. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; hence we apply solutions based on the presence of indigenous pests in your area, the unique aspects of your home or business structure, the season of the year, and the weather forecast on the day of application. You can rely on our expertise to put an end to the invasions, so you can feel safe and secure in your home or business without pesky interruptions.

Our Perimeter Pest Control Service protects your home from the following:


We will protect your home from ants that may take up permanent residence indoors. Black ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, odorous, and sugar ant species also break into homes to collect food and bring it back to their outdoor colonies. America’s Best Lawncare technicians will use the best products to eradicate ants and know how and where to apply them for best results.



Our lawncare technicians deliver superior perimeter protection with quick knockdown, long residual, and effective broad-spectrum control against spiders. Our team at America’s Best Lawncare has in-depth understanding about the biology and behavior of different spider species, including Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and Hobo Spider.  We will schedule applications every three months to keep spiders out of your house or business.



Millipedes are arthropods that may crawl into homes or businesses when they leave their litter leaf piles outdoors. These worm-like critters sneak in through cracks, ground level windows and under doors. Our perimeter pest control experts have the tools and skills to identify possible entryways and create a strong barrier to prevent them from gaining entry altogether.



Although house centipedes do not cause damage to property or harm to humans, their furtive movements make them scary to have around your indoor spaces. They typically run along walls and baseboards hunting for smaller insects to eat. At America’s Best Lawncare, we will create an armor for extreme perimeter pest control and protection. We use potent, and long-lasting products to solve your pest infestation problems at your home or business.



Our perimeter pest control technicians will expertly apply a strong solution that ensures fast control and long residual protection from silverfish infestation. These wingless insects are commonly found nesting in roof shingles and sidings, but over time will find their way indoors settling in the wall voids near the kitchen and bathroom. Our perimeter pest control products remain effective around different structures, including wood, mulch, concrete, siding, and vegetation.



Ladybugs are overwintering pests, which means that during colder months, they will invade your home or business and treat it as a safe and warm hideout until spring. Although harmless to humans, ladybugs can start breeding and growing their numbers in the nooks and crannies of your indoor space. America’s Best Lawncare technicians will apply high-quality professional pest control products as barrier treatment and in cracks and crevices for maximum protection.



Our perimeter pest control treatment will make sure beetles and other crawling insects that cross the boundary will die on contact. Any beetles that infiltrate the structure will soon perish before they can go any deeper in your home or business. We use superior perimeter pest control solutions that kill beetles and other pests deep in voids and under slabs.

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