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Lawncare Services in Celina, TX

Your lawn is a distinct component of your Celina property, which is why it assumes a significant role in its overall curb appeal and value. When you are in dire need of professional weed control or lawn fertilization services, America’s Best Lawncare can provide useful and reliable solutions of the highest caliber. We provide residential lawn maintenance and lawn care services in Celina, ranging from aeration services, weed control, lawn fertilization, to seeding, and many more.


Celina experiences a humid subtropical climate that is prevalent in most cities in North Texas. It experiences hot and muggy summers; winters are typically cold and windy and partly cloudy all-year-round. Local temperature varies between 35F to 95%, rarely dipping below 23F or raising above 101F. It’s the best place to enjoy the sunshine between early June and mid-September. Maintaining your lawn is undeniably a lot of work, given the unforgiving hot summers and the little rainfall the city of Celina receives year-round. The good news is that you can take advantage of professional lawn care services to keep your property in good shape come rain or shine.

Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we take pride in knowing the specific needs of our clients’ properties. When you have a distinct vision for your lawn, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to bring that vision into reality. Whatever your needs may be, our skilled lawn care experts are more than ready to create a well-planned weed treatment strategy lawn fertilization to manage your Celina landscape at competitive prices effectively. We are attentive to each detail and work thoroughly to provide the very best lawn care services.

Whether you want to have the most beautiful and healthiest lawn in the neighborhood or a safe outdoor space for your children and pets to explore, America’s Best Lawncare can offer you the right solution you need. We are renowned for our reputation of consistently upholding our integrity and honesty in everything we do, putting our clients first. As a full-service lawn care service provider in Celina, we prioritize passing on the highest value to our clients. Our proven systems are driven by years of hands-on experience, and our commitment shows in the excellent lawn care services we provide.

Our Services

LAWN WEED CONTROL - Enhance your Celina lawn’s health with proper nourishment and weed control. We get rid of unsightly weeds and patches of thinning grass using strategically timed applications to give your turf exactly what it needs to flourish all year round. Our personalized weed control and lawn fertilization services combine highly effective fertilizers with tried-and-tested, environmentally safe weed control treatments to meet your lawn's exact needs. 

LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.


TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - Trees and shrubs are your property’s most significant assets when they receive proper maintenance. We provide trees and shrubs with the essential nutrients they need for good health and vigor. We employ a 5-step program that is highly personalized to keep your Celina lawn beautiful and healthy. Our tree and shrub healthcare services are employed every ten weeks consisting of winter dormant oil, spring fertilization, early disease, and insect control, plant protection, and mid-season foliage protection treatments.

LAWN INSECT CONTROL - A Celina lawn infested by ticks and fleas can be very annoying. Our flea/tick control service can significantly reduce your lawn’s exposure to pest-related threats. We have designed a program to eliminate active pests and manage the new generations of new pests and insects that may migrate onto your property. We will thoroughly inspect your lawn to look for areas that harbor ticks, fleas, and other insects, including crickets, beetles, millipedes, and gnats, to name a few.

CORE & LIQUID LAWN AERATION - No matter how much time and money you invest in your lawn, you may be limiting its full potential by merely neglecting lawn aeration services. Core aeration service is the foundation of a beautiful and healthy lawn in Celina. We provide aeration services at an ideal time utilizing the best aeration method. We use industry-leading equipment that allows us to pull more cores across your lawn, delivering optimal results. We bring the most bang for your buck with our efficient core aeration service.

GRUB CONTROL - Don’t let grubs destroy your Celina lawn. When left ignored, grubs can cause dead, brown patches with no chance of recovery. Our grub control service in Celina will solve the problem at the right time to stop the eggs from turning into larvae. Through our preventive application, we also reduce the damage caused by skunks, birds, and other animals looking for grubs. You can get your lawn back to its original beauty by protecting it from potentially devastating insects with our grub control service.

LAWN SEEDING - Through our seeding service, we can help you maintain the healthy density and thickness of the grass in your law. We prevent the bare spots and weeds from taking over. Our specialized seeding techniques will make sure that your lawn accepts the seeds efficiently. We will inform you of the best grasses to grow in your area to maximize growth and sound reproduction. If you want a thick and healthy lawn, we produce consistent and reliable results, all-year-round.

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - Insect infestation and plant disease can cause problems in grass amidst ideal care and growing conditions. Pests can bring about fungal infections resulting in discolorations, grass turning black, and irregularly shaped dead spots in your turf. Our pest and disease treatment will keep annoyances at bay. We will help with maintaining optimal plant health and soil conditions. We will periodically inspect your lawn for infestations before they cause problems in your property.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - Pest infestation can cause many health issues, such as allergies and severe disease. Our goal is to keep your family safe and healthy while giving you a good-looking lawn. We designed our perimeter pest control service to deliver effective and fast protection around your home. Our skilled lawn care experts are trained to detect the smallest details to identify the potential entry spots inside your home, preventing infestations before they can begin.

SOIL TESTING - We know that it can be challenging to grow a healthy and vibrant lawn. If your lawn is having a hard time growing properly despite enough water and sunlight, you may be suffering from soil problems. Soil testing is crucial if you want a healthy lawn. Our soil testing service in Celina will help you diagnose soil-related issues such as pH levels and nutrient deficiencies. We will ensure that your soil gets proper nutrients, allowing your lawn to flourish.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - Fire ants aren’t just pests, but they are also a threat to your family and pets. Apart from the unattractive sight of mount-type nests, the health risks associated with their presence are worrisome. We apply targeted fire ant treatment and prevention to eliminate fire ants and eggs within the colony. We use Bayer Fire Ant Killer treatment that drives the ants away. The residual effect is then spread to the rest of the colony, effectively eliminating their population.

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