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Lawncare Services in Murphy, TX

America’s Best Lawncare is a premier provider of weed control and lawn fertilization services in Murphy, Texas. We understand the struggles of dealing with unsightly weeds that ultimately wreak havoc on commercial and residential lawns. The absence or lack of essential nutrients resulting in poor soil ultimately makes lawns unsuitable for healthy and vibrant growth. To remedy these problems, our team of lawn care specialists works closely with clients to create a comprehensive weed control and fertilization program designed to keep lawns lusciously green and thriving all year round. As a full-suite lawn care company in Murphy, Texas, we also offer soil testing, core aeration, seeding, and pre-emergent services, all of which play a crucial lawn in the consistent growth and development of lawns. Here at America’s Lawncare, we deliver our services promptly, ensuring your complete satisfaction every time.

Sunflower Field

Murphy is a small city located in Collin County, Texas. As this suburban town is situated 20 miles away from Dallas, it is a popular bedroom community for professionals and students who work in the big city but still prefer the peaceful ambiance unique to Murphy. It is bordered by Parker, Plano, Richardson, Sachse, and Wylie, with a total land area of 5.70 square miles. As of 2020, the total population of Murphy stands at 20,204. Murphy was initially a farming community that grew cotton, corn, and onions. The city slowly witnessed steady economic growth when the President George Bush Turnpike opened through Plano and Richardson in 2000. Today, Murphy has excellent access to a wide range of retail and shopping centers, excellent schools, outstanding parks, exciting trails, and recreational facilities. Like all North Texas cities, the Murphy community experiences a humid, subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and cold to mild winters. In this type of weather, growing a healthy turf can be challenging for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Taking advantage of professional lawn care services is a must if you want your grass, trees, and plants to thrive all year round. America’s Best Lawncare offers exceptional weed control and lawn fertilization programs in Murphy. Let our skilled team of professionals dig deep into your lawn issues and deliver solutions that best fit your needs.

Our skilled lawn care staff work diligently to assess the prevailing problems of commercial and residential lawns in Murphy, Texas. We take great pride in our lawn care professionals’ extensive knowledge about industry-latest weed control and fertilization service. Using the best tools of the trade, America’s Best Lawncare will implement a combination of weed control and lawn fertilization treatments to promote the growth of plants, trees, and grass while effectively eradicating the weed population. Our lawn care experts schedule weed control and fertilization strategically to maximize their potential and to nourish the soil in the long term.

America’s Best Lawncare has built a sterling reputation as one of the most trusted lawn care service providers in Murphy, Texas, thanks to our effective, safe, and affordable weed control and lawn fertilization program. We have a team of expertly trained lawn care professionals that understands your needs and promptly address any issues to ensure speedy resolution and a healthy lawn that you and your family can enjoy from season to season.

America’s Best Lawncare follows industry best practices, methods, and tools to give you the lawn you’ve always wanted. Our professional lawn care experts will treat your lawn as they were our own, so you can rest assured to receive complete customer satisfaction at affordable prices. The next time you need expert weed control and lawn fertilization service in Murphy, do not forget that America’s Best Lawncare can deliver on our promise of honest, efficient lawn care solutions. To request a quote or if you want to set up our consultation, please call our direct line on (469) 631-7434 today.

Our Services

LAWN WEED CONTROL - Our extensive knowledge and skills in weed control allow us to control the weed population without causing harm to the rest of your lawn. The America’s Best Lawncare team implements a targeted weed control service that quickly eradicates weed species, including broadleaf, spurge, nutsedge, dandelion, and crabgrass, at different times of the year. 

LAWN FERTILIZATION - Our lawn fertilization service offers 3 back to back treatments applied during the spring and summer months. This comprehensive treatment guarantees the best results, making your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant season after season.

TREE & SHRUB HEALTHCARE - Our lawn care team in Murphy, Texas, takes a proactive approach to the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs in residential and commercial lawns. We have the experience, know-how, and skills to care for trees and shrubs commonplace in the Murphy community.

LAWN INSECT CONTROL - Part of our mission is to keep your lawn safe from invading pests, including flea and ticks. We use professional-grade pesticides to keep fleas and ticks at bay. We schedule flea and tick control immediately to protect humans and animals from the health risks commonly associated with flea and tick infestation.

CORE & LIQUID LAWN AERATION - To ensure that the soil on your lawn supports the healthy growth of plants, trees, and shrubs, we utilize core aeration service in Murphy, TX. This service involves the breakup of thatch formation and loosening up the soul using advanced aeration techniques at various times of the year.

GRUB CONTROL - Our lawn experts employ proactive grub control management to address our clients' needs efficiently. We utilize a personalized approach to caring for your garden that allows us to develop a strong defense against harmful threats like grub and pest infestations. Our staff in Murphy will implement routine inspections to identify an infestation and develop a grub control program that will be a valid measure of getting rid of pests.

BERMUDA MITES CONTROL - The presence of Bermuda Mites feeding on grass blades will result in an unhealthy lawn. If left untreated, Bermuda mites; infestation will devastate your lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. At America’s Best Lawncare will treat your entire lawn if you suspect Bermuda Mite infestation. Our lawn care experts will thoroughly inspect your property and create a personalized plan to deal with them effectively. You can trust us with your Murphy lawn to help take care of the problem.

LAWN SEEDING - We execute seeding service in combination with core aeration to produce the best outcomes. Our team of experts commonly implements the overseeding technique to encourage consistent growth throughout the lawn. This lawn care service is highly effective in resolving bald patches and other signs of neglect.

PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT - Our pest and disease treatment service was formulated to halt the further spread of disease and pest infestation on Murphy lawns. We utilize strong insecticides and herbicides to kill pests and treat diseases in an efficient and timely manner. By targeting the pests that took permanent residence on your lawn, we eradicate entire pest populations and protect your landscape from infestation.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - Our perimeter pest control service will keep insects and pests from gaining entry to your home. We apply potent pesticides at possible entry points to effectively ward off insects and kill pests that have gained partial access to your indoor spaces. We use strong yet safe herbicides that specifically target insects such as spiders, ants, and beetles, to name a few.

SOIL TESTING - Soil testing is the perfect lawn care service before attempting to build a lawn on your home or place of business. It entails intensive testing to check for soil pH, acidity, and the presence of any nutritional deficiency. Through comprehensive soil testing in Murphy, we can recommend products, tips, and techniques until your lawn becomes highly suitable for healthy growth and development.

FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION - Fire ants may be small creatures, but they can indeed cause considerable problems to your lawn and well-being if left neglected. A large fire ant population on your lawn poses a serious risk to your health and will ultimately drop the market value of your property. Using our fire ant treatment and prevention service, we can stop fire ants from further reproducing and invading your entire lawn. We use high-grade herbicides from top solutions provider, Bayer for superior results.

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