Van Alstyne Weed Control & Fertilization Services

America’s Best Lawncare delivers our deep commitment and attention to create beautiful and healthy outdoor environments for residential clients in Van Alstyne. Our mission is to provide exceptional pest disease and treatment, grub control, weed control, and fertilization services that meet every client's specific lawn care needs. Our full suite of services is developed to promote green and lush lawns all-year-round.

Why choose America’s Best Lawncare?

Our years of expertise in the lawn care industry enable our technicians to assess our clients’ turfs' exact needs quickly. We work closely with Van Alstyne residential owners in realizing their vision and work hard to transform them into reality.  We identify issues and conduct the appropriate treatment for fast and effective resolution through our great attention to detail and focus on excellence. America’s Best Lawncare will develop a comprehensive weed control and fertilization strategy that will help us manage, prevent, and treat problems at competitive rates. 


Whether you need an expert to eradicate pests or conduct core aeration on your turf, we are one call away. Our team of lawn care technicians in Van Alstyne is equipped with the best equipment, tools, and solutions to produce superior results. America’s Best Lawncare is consistently recommended for our solid reputation in impeccable lawn care and unmatched customer support. Our weed control, fertilization, and other lawn care solutions have successfully restored the beauty of lawns in many Van Alstyne homes, and we are looking forward to helping you create the same results for you, too.

About Van Alstyne, TX

Van Alstyne is a quaint city located in Collin and Grayson counties in North Texas. The small town has kept its small-town charm for many decades. Less than 4,000 people reside in the city of Van Alstyne, most of whom have been living in this suburban-urban area their entire lives. Despite its relatively small size and population, Van Alstyne prides itself on its rich diversity, top-rated schools, and beautiful nature that seems to be evident everywhere you look. Van Alstyne shares the same hot and muggy weather with other cities in the North Texas region. Winters are mild and windy with partly cloudy weather year-round. Temperature averages between 34°F in colder months and peaking at 101° or above in the summertime. The merciless climate, combined with external stressors, make for disastrous lawns in many homes. To remedy minor pest problems or implement a comprehensive weed control and fertilization program, choose a reputable lawn care service provider with a proven track record and positive reputation among Van Alstyne locals.

Our Services

WEED CONTROL – As renowned lawn care experts in Van Alstyne, our team of technicians is well-equipped with the right set of skills to manage weed problems that plague many residential properties in Van Alstyne. Utilizing our rich knowledge in weed control, we can successfully stop harmful weeds from re-emerging yet again. We focus on getting rid of all the common weed types, including grassy, annuals, perennials, and broadleaf weeds. We will eliminate weeds across all stages of their lifespan using the most potent pre and post-emergent treatments through our comprehensive weed control strategy.

FERTILIZATION - There’s nothing more satisfying to us than successfully restoring the beauty and health of once-lifeless and sickly lawns. Our fertilization service offers the strategic and timely application of fertilizers at various times of the year. Using the best tools and solutions, America’s Best Lawncare ensures the practical application of fertilizers to nourish your lawn without causing imminent danger to humans and pets.

PRE-EMERGENT - Our pre-emergent service is ideally conducted during springtime in Van Alstyne. Dedicated technicians will apply pre-emergent to create a barrier that will protect the soils and kill weeds sprouts exposed to the thin herbicidal layer. An even uniform application of pre-emergents holds the key to season-long lawn protection.

WEED CONTROL & FERTILIZATION - Our weed control and fertilization program are broken up into eight treatments strategically applied at different times of the year. We develop fertilizers and weed control solutions that are formulated specifically to treat local soil conditions. This is an important service that will maximize your turf’s full potential during the growing season.

TREES & SHRUB HEALTHCARE – All America’s Best Lawncare technicians are proficient in shrub and tree healthcare management. We start by surveying the property, followed by a detailed discussion on how to go about our lawn care service. We will develop a customized tree and shrub healthcare plan that will address your lawn’s exact demands. Obtaining this service will include several applications, including early disease treatment, insect control, midseason foliage protection, spring fertilization, and winter dormant oil, all of which are carefully managed by our seasoned lawn experts.


FLOWER BED WEED CONTROL – You need expert lawn care service to keep your flower beds looking fresh and vibrant across all seasons. Our top-rated flower bed weed control service in Van Alstyne features a 4-step system that stops weed germination while regulating the population of existing weeds on your turf. We strategically apply various pre-emergents, fertilizers, and other solutions that quickly eradicate harmful weeds while providing adequate nourishment to flowers, grass, shrubs, and trees.


FLEA/TICK TREATMENT – Expect fast results and unmatched you make the right decision of choosing America’s Best Lawncare to manage flea and tick infestation in your lawn. Our flea and tick treatment program utilizes science-backed solutions to effectively eradicate fleas and ticks without harming plants, pets, and families. We exclusively use Talstar Pro during treatments due to its high potency and safety profile. Proper and timely application of this broad-spectrum solution results in a significant reduction of fleas and ticks and effective prevention of recurrence in the future.


AERATION – America’s Best Lawncare considers aeration a critical element in the success of an effective lawn care service. High traffic and external stressors cause soil compaction, which may lead to the death of your beloved plants, trees, and grass. To bring back your lawn in good shape, we conduct core aeration to break up thatch and loosen the soil in our property. Timely core aeration optimizes water, oxygen, and mineral absorption and creates deeper pathways for root systems in your yard.


GRUB CONTROL – The presence of grubs on your turf can result in a host of disasters. If you don’t want to end up with a patchy lawn, our grub control service will ensure grubs' termination in a fast, efficient, and safe manner. Through preventive applications, we also help control the damage caused by the infestation of small animals that hunt for grubs on your property. America’s Best Lawncare will whip your lawn back to its natural health and beauty by delivering adequate protection from grubs and other pests.


SEEDING – Our seeding service is typically combined with core aeration for best results. This treatment is recommended to protect the lush and thick density of grass in your lawn. Through our strategic overseeding techniques, we stop weeds from invading your entire turf. Also, we will recommend ideal grass species that thrive well in Van Alstyne local soil conditions.


PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT – Plant diseases and insect infestations are unavoidable occurrences in many Van Alstyne properties. To eradicate pests that pose serious harm to your turf’s integrity and well-being, we conduct the safe application of targeted solutions, as well as preventative treatments to protect your lawn from future invasions.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL - America’s Best Lawncare’s conduct effective perimeter pest control measures to keep insects from invading your indoor spaces. Strategic application of pesticides produces a barrier that protects your home from insects, including ants, ladybugs, beetles, and spiders. Our technicians will apply a unique formulation around your property to stop creepy crawlers from gaining access to your home. We only use treatments that are not only effective but are also proven safe for children and pets.


SOIL TESTING – Our soil testing service helps promote healthy plant biology by nourishing the soil with vital nutrients. America’s Best Lawncare technicians will also help you gain a full understanding of your lawn’s soil conditions. Through comprehensive soil testing, we identify soil nutrient deficiencies, which helps us determine the right treatments to apply at strategic times of the year.


FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION – We help Van Alstyne clients who struggle with fire ant infestation in their yards. Our technicians are skilled in applying targeted and preventative fire ant solutions without disrupting the healthy growth of grass and plants. We will take care of this pesky infestation by using long-acting treatments that are programmed to ultimately eradicate one ant mounds and offer more extended protection from fire ants invading your property again. 

Why Hire America’s Best Lawncare?

America’s Best Lawncare’s tireless commitment to delivering superior lawn care services to Val Alstyne residential properties is second to none. Through our services, we aim to add tremendous value to your property. We pride ourselves on our simple and highly effective approach to lawn care and maintenance. By listening and understanding our clients' needs, we can deliver the best weed control, fertilization, perimeter pest control, and pest treatments at competitive prices. Our focus on honest communication, personalized service, and passion for our craft make us a worthwhile partner for all your lawn care needs. To obtain a free quote or schedule an appointment, call our direct line today.