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Soil Testing
In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, & Neighboring Texas Cities

Why Is Soil Testing Important?

When soil is unable to provide nutrients in the proper amounts, it can lead to reduced plant vigor and increased susceptibility to damage from disease, insects, drought and other conditions. Routine soil testing is a great tool to help identify nutrient deficiencies or soil chemical factors that are limiting plant growth. Ask about our discounted soil testing package!

To take the guesswork out of proper lawn care and maintenance, we at America’s Best Lawncare offer comprehensive soil testing service to residential and commercial property owners. We are a full-service lawn care company that has been a trusted, local expert for all your soil testing needs. Our lawn care technicians play an integral role in creating beautiful and healthy landscapes through detailed and efficient workmanship, giving you an excellent and satisfying experience every time.

Why choose America’s Best Lawncare Soil Testing Service?

Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we believe that the first step to a healthy lawn is understanding soil composition. Our soil testing services provide detailed information about the different values present in your soil, pH level, nutrient status, and compounds that are detrimental to your yard’s overall health. We employ a team of experts that are trained to implement soil sampling, diagnosis, and evaluation. Through accurate soil testing, we will give you complete information about your lawn composition to guide you in planning an effective lawn care routine, as well as save you time and money.

Our soil testing service is an inexpensive way of maintaining good plant health and optimum vitality of your lawn without polluting the environment due to unnecessary fertilizer application. We provide you with accurate, unbiased results so you can manage your soil to grow greener lawns in the long run. Our lawn care experts will collect soil samples using the proper techniques and equipment to ensure superior results. Depending on the current condition of your lawn, we conduct soil testing every two to three years. For established lawns, we will dispatch a team of experts to collect soil samples in the spring or fall. On the other hand, soil in newly established sites will be collected and analyzed once the soil becomes workable.


Restore The Health Of Your Soil

Soil testing is the first step to ensuring your lawn stays healthy and lush.  By testing the soil we can identify the essential nutrients that are lacking.  This allow us to provide fertilization treatments that will give you the lawn that you have always dreamed of.

Our Services

  • Basic Soil Testing - Our basic soil testing involves screening for the five macronutrients crucial for plant growth, namely potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrate-nitrogen, and calcium. We will also identify the pH level to determine if the soil on your lawn is acidic or alkaline. Standard soil testing will also reveal lime requirement to raise pH level back to its ideal range. 

  • Total Organic Matter Soil Testing - This soil testing service involves identifying the presence of the five essential macronutrients, pH level, and cation exchange capacity or the ability of soil to hold nutrients. The test will provide you with accurate information on the current organic matter level in your lawn. Our results are instrumental in formulating a customized nutrient recommendation for your lawn.

  • Micronutrients Soil Testing - The soil sample from your lawn will be assessed for the presence of micronutrients, including zinc, iron, calcium, boron, manganese, copper, and many more. These micronutrients are found in trace amounts and are essential to optimum plant health. We detect the accurate values of each micronutrient and identify the presence of nutrient deficiencies. The results help craft recommendations on the correct dose of micronutrients during fertilization.

  • Soil Texture - This soil testing is determined by its feel in moist conditions. We perform a detailed assessment to determine the percentage of gravel, clay, and silt in your lawn. The soil will then be classified into three categories: sand, loam, or clay. Depending on the soil composition, we will recommend applying amendments, including sand, clay, vermiculite, and organic matter.

  • Heavy Metal Screening - If you suspect heavy metal contamination of your lawn, we will perform detailed testing to identify the presence of toxic residues, pesticides, and synthetic products in your lawn’s native soil. As some chemicals may remain in the soil for decades, we will determine the level of extractable cadmium, lead, and arsenic in the soil, and evaluate whether their concentration can wreak havoc to your lawn or otherwise.

Why Choose America’s Best Lawncare for Soil Testing?

At America’s Best Lawncare, we implement soil testing at the correct intervals to help you prepare a nutrient management program that ensures your lawn is protected from disease, pest infestation and ensures its optimum productivity. Our lawn care experts will provide you with lime and fertilizer recommendations along with a detailed soil testing report. If you need comprehensive soil testing, you can use America's Best Lawncare to get the job done with the utmost accuracy, transparency, and speed. We will work closely with you and provide you with unbiased soil testing results at affordable prices. If you want to request a soil testing service or have other questions, call our direct line today. We offer our soil testing services and other lawn care solutions to residential and commercial customers in Prosper, Van Alstyne, Anna, Frisco, Fairview, Celina, McKinney, Plano, and Sherman, Texas.

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