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America's Best Lawncare Lawn Pest & Disease

Lawn Pest & Disease Treatment Services
In McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, & Neighboring Texas Cities

Lawn Pest and Disease Treatment Services

When it comes to quality lawn pest, and disease treatments, America’s Best Lawncare does it all. We offer unparalleled customer service that revitalizes and increases the market value of residential and commercial properties. When it comes to superior lawn pest and disease treatment solutions, you can rest assured that our lawn care specialists will help transform your yard into beautiful, healthy, and safe living spaces.

Our Services

  • Grub Control and Treatment - Grubs are the larva stage of June bugs that feed on roots and other underground parts of grass Bermuda, buffalo, zoysia, and St. Augustine grasses. Our lawn care experts will evaluate the infestation on your lawn and develop a year-round treatment plan that will eradicate existing grubs and prevent recurrence over time. 

  • Chinch Bug Treatment - Chinch bugs are small and slender winged insects that suck out the natural fluids in the grass, causing them to dehydrate and ultimately die. Chinch bug damage is characterized by yellow patches of grass that turn brown over time. To eliminate chinch bugs, our lawn care specialists broadcast the entire lawn turf twice to ensure all grasses are adequately treated.

  • Fire Ants Control and Treatment - Fire ants are common in lawns during the spring and summer months. Although fire ants do not cause injury to turf grass, fire ant mounds can become unsightly. They are highly aggressive when their territories are disturbed; hence can result in painful stings. Our lawn care professionals use superior grade insecticide specifically formulated to eradicate fire ant infestation to prevent and control fire mount infestation.

  • Aphids - These soft-bodied insects are host-plant specific that usually attack new growths and the underside of leaves. Apart from sucking all the nutrients from plants, they also produce a sticky liquid that causes sooty fungus, blocking sunlight from penetrating the leaves. We use various insecticidal soaps and oils to keep the infestation under control.

  • Flea Control and Treatment - Apart from regular lawn maintenance, our lawn care experts apply diatomaceous earth to kill fleas instantly. We also use professional-grade flea pesticides to eliminate the source of infestation. Our lawn pest experts will implement the safe and proper application of treatments to prevent harm to humans and pets.

  • Leaf Spot Disease Treatment - This is a common disease that affects Bermuda grass, ryegrass, bluegrass, and fescue. Excessive nitrogen levels, dry soil, and high humidity predispose a lawn to develop this disease. For effective treatment, we perform aeration to prevent leaf spot disease. Our lawn disease specialists also apply fungicide to treat infected properties safely and effectively.

  • Dollar Spot Lawn Disease Treatment - Excessive thatch and moisture buildup make lawns more vulnerable to dollar spot disease. It usually affects Bermuda grass, fescue, and zoysia grass types. Brown spots that grow bigger over time are a sign of further invasion of your lawn. To treat an ailing property, our lawn disease professionals implement core aeration so that water can seep into the soil and control thatch accumulation. We also apply organic compost topdressing to provide nutrition, decompose thatch, and fight off fungi that cause dollar spot disease.

  • Gray Leaf Spot Disease Treatment - Gray leaf spots initially appear as small round spots that are tan or brown. The fungus that causes gray leaf spot disease attacks St. Augustine grass and wreak havoc throughout the lawn. We treat this condition through timely fungicide applications. Our lawn care experts will observe closely and ensure your lawn recovers quickly, too.

  • Red Thread Lawn Disease Treatment - Red thread lawn disease is characterized by dying patches with red or pink fibers. This turf disease is caused by inadequate levels of nitrogen in the soil and external stressors. It usually attacks cool-season grasses such as red fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and bentgrass. To stop the fungus from growing, our lawn care experts apply superior quality fertilizers to improve the nitrogen levels in the soil.

  • Rust Lawn Disease Treatment - Rusty grass fungus causes an unsightly reddish-brown tinge across patches of grass. The devastation they cause is rapid, ultimately destroying your lawn in mere weeks. For effective treatment, we apply nitrogen-rich fertilizers to nourish the soil and stop the fungus from proliferating. We also recommend frequent mowing to remove the rust spores to prevent further proliferation.

  • Brown Patch Lawn Disease Treatment - This lawn disease is caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia, typically prevalent during hot and humid months. It usually attacks lawn grasses and causes irregular, brown patches that can destroy your lawn when left untreated. Our lawn care experts will apply moderate amounts of nitrogenous fertilizer to control its spread in severe cases. As an effective prevention technique, we employ strategic fungicide application.

America's Best Lawncare Weed Control in Texas

Quality pest control to keep your lawn lush and vibrant!

Don't let pests ravage your lawn.  Let the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at America's Best Lawncare take care of lawn pests before they destroy your lawn.  If they have already begun to wreak havoc, then we will help get rid of them and restore your lawn to it beautiful and healthy state.

Why Choose America’s Best Lawncare for Pest and Disease Treatment Services?

When you hire America’s Best Lawncare, you’ll be receiving the benefit of working with a local company with countless years of experience in treating pest infestations and lawn diseases in North Texas. Our team of certified lawn care professionals boasts in-depth knowledge and understanding of soil conditions, plant life, and unique challenges that lawns face in our area. We are updated about the latest products that work best to manage pest infestations and diseases. All the products and services we offer are specifically designed and formulated for local conditions. 

We have families too, which is why we only use effective but safe professional treatments. You will also appreciate that our lawn care specialists here at America’s Best Lawncare are expertly trained, fully vetted, and screened for your peace of mind and satisfaction. Our lawn care team undergoes training and further education to keep abreast of the latest lawn care techniques to serve our clients better. We work hard to manage common lawn diseases, including leaf spot disease, rust lawn disease, gray leaf spot disease, dollar spot lawn disease, red thread lawn disease, brown patch lawn disease, and many more. Additionally, our lawn care experts are skilled at properly managing infestations of pests, such as aphids, caterpillars, fire ants, chinch bugs, grubs, and fleas. Our goal is to produce outstanding results for you all year round.

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