Trees and shrubs

Tree & Shrub Healthcare

Benefits of Tree & Shrub Healthcare

  • Healthy appearance

  • Stress management

  • Early detection of issues

  • Regular monitoring

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Our Program 

Our Program

America's Best Lawncare offers a Yearly 5-Step Program tailored to help your trees and shrubs keep their health, strength and beauty. Treatments for your property would take place every 10 weeks. There is a total of 1 Winter Dormant Oil Application, 1 Spring Fertilization Treatment, 1 Early Disease & Insect Control Treatment, 1 Plant Protection Treatment & 1 Mid-Season Foliage Protection Treatment. 

***Program Includes Free Service Calls And Retreats***

Treatment 1

Winter Dormant Oil

This application protects trees and shrubs against over-winterizing insects, such as scale, borers, aphids, spider mites, and their eggs, which can cause potential damage. 

Treatment 2

Spring Fertilization


This application offers fertilization treatment that will help your trees and shrubs to soak up nitrogen and grow faster to help produce beautiful blooms and a healthier plant. A healthier plant helps protect against insects and diseases. 

Treatment 3

Early Disease & Insect Control

This application protects against insects and the following funguses; powdery mildew, anthracnose, scab and several varieties of leaf blight.

Treatment 4

Plant Protection


This application protects against insects that are beginning to hatch and feed such as; mites, caterpillars, leaf miners

Treatment 5

Mid-Season Foliage Protection

This application is a follow up treatment that further strengthens the plants overall health.