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About Our Program 

In order to keep your trees and shrubs in good health, America’s Best Lawncare offers a year round 5-Step Treatment Program. Warmer weather means sprouting leaves and flowers, which also, unfortunately, brings upon unwanted pests and diseases. To prevent damaged and dying trees and shrubs later in the season, it is best to start the prevention process before Spring emerges. However, if you are starting later in the year, we still guarantee each service performed will benefit your landscape. The average time frame between treatments is 60 days. Below is a summary of our Tree & Shrub Healthcare Program:


Treatment 1

Winter Dormant Oil

This application protects trees and shrubs against over-winterizing insects, such as scale, borers, aphids, spider mites, and their eggs, which can cause potential damage. 

Treatment 2

Spring Fertilization

This application offers a fertilization treatment that will help your trees and shrubs to soak up nitrogen and grow faster to help produce beautiful blooms and a healthier plant. A healthier plant helps protect against insects & diseases.

Treatment 3

Early Disease & Insect Control

This application protects against insects and the following funguses; powdery mildew, anthracnose, scab and several varieties of leaf blight.

Treatment 4

Plant Protection

This application protects against insects that are beginning to hatch and feed such as; mites, caterpillars, leaf miners, aphids, and others.

Treatment 5

Mid-Season Foliage Protection

This application is a follow up treatment that further strengthens the plants overall health.

Why Choose Us?

America’s Best Lawncare is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. All of our technicians are equipped with the right amount of field experience and textbook knowledge to provide you with the highest quality of service. Call Us Today: 469.631.7473 or fill out a form online to request a quote.

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