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The Colony Weed Control & Fertilization Services

Who doesn’t like a beautifully manicured lawn? But achieving such a feat can be challenging as it requires a lot of time and effort. The good news is that homeowners and commercial property owners in The Colony can rely on America’s Best Lawncare for professional lawn jobs, including pest and disease treatment, soil testing, weed control, and fertilization services. It is our mission to deliver healthy and lush landscapes all-year-round.

Why choose America’s Best Lawncare?

We are committed to meet the unique lawn care needs of our clients in The Colony community. While maintaining landscape can be done on your own, we offer an alternative solution that involves the skills of our highly qualified and skilled team of lawn care specialists. Let America’s Lawncare take over small maintenance activities to major lawn care procedures, such as weed control and fertilization. Whatever your budget, America’s Best Lawncare will develop a customized plan that works for your specific needs. 


Whether you are looking to grow a beautiful lawn for your brand-new house or a pest and disease-free landscape where your flowers and shrubs can thrive, America’s Best Lawncare delivers the appropriate solutions. We take pride in our reputation as one of The Colony’s most trusted lawn care service providers; hence we make it a point to listen intently to the needs and demands of commercial and residential clients alike. Using our time-tested lawn care services, innovative technologies, and superior products, we guarantee nothing but the best and lasting results that everyone deserves.

About The Colony TX

The Colony is a peaceful suburb in Denton County, Texas. If you’re looking for a community that features stunning nature, rich culture, and vibrant lifestyle, this is one of the few places in Texas that offers all of them and more. Boasting unmatched amenities, a good school system, and everything that you need to live comfortably, The Colony truly has it all. The convenience of its location on the map and the serenity of its surroundings have attracted many starting families and young professionals to take residence in The Colony. But just like any other city in Texas, The Colony also suffers from unforgiving weather conditions, especially during the summer. Its humid subtropical region makes it challenging for commercial and property owners to grow health and lush landscapes. But don’t fret just yet! There are many lawn care professionals that offer a full suite of lawncare services in The Colony. To get the most value for your money, we highly obtain services from trusted and top-rated companies such as America’s Best Lawncare.

Our Services

WEED CONTROL – As one of the most sought-after lawn care service professionals in The Colony, we at America’s Best Lawncare are equipped with advanced skills to inhibit weed growth on commercial and residential lawns. Using our local knowledge know-how about weeds that grow locally in The Colony, our lawn care specialists can skillfully stop the weed growth cycle on your property. Our weed control service involves the eradication of common weed types that grow in The Colony properties, including annuals, grassy, perennials, and broadleaf weeds to name a few. We utilize the most potent pre- and post-emergent weed control formulas and schedule their application strategically throughout the year.

FERTILIZATION - America’s Best Lawncare has the resources that allow us to deliver superior quality fertilization service in The Colony. It is our objective to create a healthy and lush landscape for your home and business year-round. Our fertilization service is implemented at various times of the year, ensuring all endemic problems on your lawn are treated in a timely and efficient manner. We exclusively use top-grade fertilizers that nourish the lawn without causing any unwanted effects to human and animal health.

PRE-EMERGENT - You can rest assured knowing your lawn is in caring hands. To stop the seeds from germinating, we conduct timely application of pre-emergent materials that target all types of weeds, including grassy, crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds. We repeat the application throughout the year to ensure the total elimination of weeds on your Colony commercial or residential lawn.

WEED CONTROL & FERTILIZATION - America’s Best Lawncare offers a comprehensive weed control & fertilization program to keep your lawn looking green and fresh from season to season. During our visit, our lawn care specialists will apply weed control material and fertilizers on your lawn. We also conduct fertilizer treatment applications to ensure quality grass and healthy growth throughout the year. We space applications strategically to ensure the safety and health of your home or commercial property.  Our weed control and fertilization service in The Colony is customized based on the unique condition of your lawn; hence you can expect nothing but great results over time.

TREES & SHRUB HEALTHCARE – We proudly offer tree and shrub healthcare service for both commercial and residential clients in The Colony. Whether you plan on growing a new landscape or further improving the aesthetics and overall health of your existing lawn, we will help get your lawn in top shape. America’s Best Lawncare offers our 5-step program that is customized based on the exact needs of your The Colony property. Activities such as winter dormant oil application, spring fertilization, early disease diagnostics, and insect control are just some of the services that we implement year-round to ensure the health and longevity of your lawn.


FLOWER BED WEED CONTROL – Through our effective flower bed weed control service, our lawn care specialists targets various weed types that disrupt the healthy growth of your flowering plants. We will apply treatments that inhibit the growth of weed while ensuring flowering plants are kept safe at the same time. We follow a four-step program that involves the application of fertilizers, pre-emergents, and weed control materials directly onto flower beds.


FLEA/TICK TREATMENT – Don’t let ticks and fleas invade your property. Call on our reliable lawn care service team to remedy tick and flea infestation on your The Colony property. We use professional-grade chemicals that will eliminate all existing tick or flea populations, as well as prevent them from overrunning your loan in the future.


AERATION – Our core aeration service in The Colony guarantees a few benefits, including the improvement of air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, enhanced fertilizer uptake, healthier root systems, enhanced thatch breakdown, and enhanced drought tolerance even in the hottest and humid of days. We will make sure your lawn is healthier and free from weeds and pests, thanks to your customized core aeration service.


GRUB CONTROL – Our lawn care specialists implement grub control service to stop grubs from their tracks of destroying your landscape. We apply pre-emptive treatments that annihilate grubs at their earliest growth stages. We highly recommend obtaining grub control service at least once a year as part of your comprehensive lawn care and maintenance plan.


SEEDING – Our seeding service in The Colony is typically paired with core aeration for best results. Our seeding service helps in protecting the thick and healthy growth of grass on your commercial or residential landscape. We implement strategic overseeding techniques to inhibit weed growth altogether. We will customize our seeding plan based on the soil conditions unique in The Colony and neighboring suburbs.  


PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT – If left ignored, the infestation of pests on your lawn can result in your plants developing serious diseases that are hard to treat, or in some cases, hopelessly irreversible. To keep pests at bay and maintain your landscape’s integrity and wellness, we implement the application of safe and effective solutions on your lawn. America’s Best Lawncare also conducts preventive pest disease and treatment procedures that will protect your property from possible invasions in the future.


SOIL TESTING – Our soil testing service involves the thorough assessment of your property’s soil condition. The information obtained by our specialists assist in the development of a concrete care strategy for your landscape. By identifying nutrient deficiencies on your property, we can then implement the right treatments to keep it well-nourished throughout the year.

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL – We conduct safe and effective perimeter pest control service that will stop pests from their tracks of invading your property’s indoor spaces. We use top-grade pesticides that protect the perimeter of your home or business against various pest species, including beetles, ants, ladybugs, and spiders. Our lawn care service staff utilizes the best formulation that is deadly on pests but 100% safe for children and pets.


FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION – Fire ants instill fear and anxiety among residential and commercial owners in The Colony. We will take care of the fire ant population that plagues your lawn. We use the best ant killer treatments on the market, to not only ensure safety but optimal efficacy in targeting the fire ant colony or mound on your property.

Why Hire America’s Best Lawncare?

At America’s Best Lawncare, we are deeply dedicated to serve customers with the utmost efficiency, knowledge, precision, and speed. To keep your lawns pest-free, weed-free, and naturally beautiful, we are your business to rely on. Our lawn care services including soil testing, grub control, weed control, and fertilization will make sure that you enjoy your lawn at fair prices. If you wish to learn more about our services or if you want to schedule an appointment with our dedicated The Colony lawncare experts, call our direct line today!