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Little Elm Weed Control & Fertilization Services

America’s Best Lawncare always puts the customers’ needs first to make sure our lawn care services in Little Elm reflect our deep commitment to superior quality service and customer satisfaction. We do our job with great attention to detail, efficiency, and speed, so that your landscape looks stunning and healthy, too. We offer commercial and residential clients with a variety of services, including pest treatment, perimeter pest control, weed control, and fertilization at competitive prices.

Why choose America’s Best Lawncare?

We provide a full suite of lawn care services tailored specifically to the unique needs of Little Elm customers. America’s Best Lawncare takes pride in our expertise in delivering healthy and lush landscapes, thanks to our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists. We guarantee exceptional results while ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. It is our unwavering commitment to the Little Elm community to help in producing healthy and beautiful lawns from season to season. 


Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we understand the challenges when it comes to choosing the right company to care for your commercial or residential landscape. In line with our mission of providing excellent services, our team consists of vetted lawn care specialists with years of solid reputation and expertise in Little Elm’s lawncare industry. You can rest assured to receive unmatched workmanship, highest safety standards and customized service that our clients deserve.

About Little Elm, TX

Little Elm is renowned as A Town with a Lake Attitude. The city is located along the eastern and northern shores of Lewisville Lake in Denton County, Texas. Hailed as one of the fastest growing municipalities in Northern Texas, it offers stunning communities that are a perfect match to starting families leading busy and hectic lifestyles. Little Elm locals take advantage of its shoreline that is miles more than any city in the DFW metroplex. Little Elm residents enjoy the wholesome amenities, vibrant commerce, and scenic natural landscapes the city is known for. The locals of Little Elm enjoy subtropical climate prevalent in Northern Dallas. The intense heat and humidity in the summer can cause catastrophe to your lawn. Pest and diseases are also prevalent, especially in neglected lawns which in turn reduces the value of properties. To ensure your turf stays green and lush throughout the year, we recommend partnering with a trustworthy and reliable lawn care company serving Little Elm.

Our Services

WEED CONTROL – As trusted weed control specialists in Little Elm, our team boasts the skills and know-how to inhibit the further proliferation of weed in lawns. Our pre-emergent herbicides are formulated to control weeds by creating a barrier which in turn prevents them from germinating altogether. We time applications strategically to ensure that all types of weeds are prevented from growing all-year-round.

FERTILIZATION - No other lawn care service in Little Elm carries a bigger impact on the color and overall health of your lawn than proper and timely fertilization. At America’s Best Lawncare, we implement a multi-step lawn fertilization service to give your lawn the nourishment it needs. We use superior quality fertilizers that contain the right balance of nutrients to ensure the proper growth and survival of your landscape. 

PRE-EMERGENT - We help eliminate weeds before you see them on your lawn. Our specialists are known for their consistently superb pre-emergent program that ensures all week types are eliminated permanently. We use quality pre-emergent chemicals that remain effective in the soil for many weeks, hence reducing the need for post-emergent applications. We provide commercial and residential clients in Little Elm a convenient way of dealing with weeds by strategically timing our applications at various times throughout the year.

WEED CONTROL & FERTILIZATION – Our weed control and fertilization application are strategically timed to ensure that the various needs of your lawn are addressed all throughout the year. Our multi-step weed control and fertilization program at America’s Best Lawncare consists of the application of fertilizers, herbicides, pre-emergent, and post-emergent chemicals of the highest quality.

TREES & SHRUB HEALTHCARE – Our proactive strategy in tree and shrub healthcare enables us to save trees from external stressors and ensure their full bloom and development for years to come. Using our in-depth knowledge of trees and shrubs in Little Elm enables us to choose the right formulations to prevent diseases and boost the health of trees and shrubs alike.


FLOWER BED WEED CONTROL – Our tailored approach to flower bed weed control is what sets us apart from the competition. Our lawn care specialists in Little Elm conduct thorough assessment of lawns before creating a customized weed control plan. We implement a schedule for weed control application at various times to ensure that all seeds are successfully prevented from germinating altogether.


FLEA/TICK TREATMENT – Fleas and ticks are minor annoyances but can cause serious diseases to you and your family. Our flea and tick control program were developed to stop these pests from destroying your lawn and protect human health and wellness. Our lawn care specialists apply preventive treatments that are ideally combined with fertilization applications to eliminate ticks and fleas from your property.  


AERATION – A lawn that does not have access to water, air, and nutrients will eventually die. Our lawn aeration service guarantees that your yard remains healthy and green all-year-round. We have the equipment and tools to punch through thick layers of thatch and rejuvenate the soil, hence enabling the soil to absorb more nutrients, as well as plants, trees, and grass to receive optimal levels of air. If you want a healthy green lawn even amidst unforgiving summers in Little Elm, our core aeration is the service you can rely on.


GRUB CONTROL – Don’t let grubs destroy the lawn that you have worked hard to build and care for many years. For consistently healthy and lush grass growth on your lawn, you should definitely obtain our grub control service in Little Elm. Our staff will work hard to ensure that our grub control formula is evenly applied on your lawn to prevent grubs from developing altogether.


SEEDING – America’s Best Lawncare specializes in seeding service for commercial and residential properties in Little Elm. We only use superior quality grass seeds and implement the most efficient seeding applications such as overseeding and spot seeding, so that you can enjoy a healthy and lush turf from season to season.


PEST & DISEASE TREATMENT – If your lawn is under attack by vicious pests and diseases, you need a reliable lawncare service provider to eliminate these threats in a safe and speedy manner. At America’s Best Lawncare, we have the expertise in assessing symptoms and diagnosing diseases and pest infestations accurately. We create a customized pest and disease treatment program that will rid your lawn of unpleasant symptoms and treat disease causes in an efficient manner.


PERIMETER PEST CONTROL – Our lawn care specialists are trained to implement perimeter pest control services to homes and business in Little Elm, TX. We apply potent chemicals that create a protective barrier around your home. Rest assured that our application technique and chemicals will keep unwanted pests and insects at bay. We conduct a multi-step application strategy that produces long-term protection to your property.


SOIL TESTING – Here at America’s Best Lawncare, we implement thorough soil testing assessment to check important figures, including pH and nutritional levels of soil in your lawn. Through careful evaluation, we offer treatment recommendations to further improve soil conditions and guarantee the steady growth of grass and plants in your Little Elm landscape.


FIRE ANT TREATMENT & PREVENTION – Fire ants are not only aggressive towards humans, but they can wreak havoc to soil, plants, and grass, too. If you want to prevent fire ants from causing harm to your lawn and safety, we highly recommend our fire ant treatment and prevention services. We use top-grade chemicals that are powerful enough to eradicate an entire colony in just a few sessions. We also use formulations that prevent their invasion of your property in the future.

Why Hire America’s Best Lawncare?

Make your lawn more beautiful and enjoyable with America’s Best Lawncare services in Little Elm. Through our lawn care services such as weed control and fertilization, you can sit back and relax knowing your landscape will look at its best across all seasons. Our years of award-winning service will exceed your expectations and ensure that your lawn is provided with the attention and care it needs to remain healthy and lush all-year-round. No matter how big or small the task, our friendly and professional lawncare specialists will work meticulously to give you the lawn that you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to know more about our lawn care services or if you wish to schedule a weed control and fertilization service with us, call our direct line today.