Grub Worms

What Are Grub Worms? 

Grubs are actually the larval form of different beetles. Grubs feed on the roots of lawns, just a few inches below the surface. They can cause serious damage to your turf as the season goes on.


Is A Spring Application Necessary? 

If you don’t prevent grubs in the spring, you’ll start seeing damage to your turf in the summer and fall. By the end of July or in August, your grass will begin to turn brown and pull up easily. Timing is crucial to the success of your preventative application. It’s easiest to prevent grub damage when the grubs are immature, so the late spring and early summer is the optimal time.


Warning Signs

  • Brown patches in your lawn that start in Spring and do not green up regardless of watering and other preventative measures. 

  • Animals like birds, skunks, moles, etc. tear up your lawn, looking for grubs

  • Sections of grass feel soft and spongy

  • Patches of grass can be easily lifted

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